Getting There:

Take the Saferide Shuttle at 84 Mass Ave, at the back entrance of the Student Center, line Boston East:

  1. Get off at 111 Bay State Road.
  2. You should see a big wooden door, with a brass plate that says "MIT Student House."

You can also take the Boston Daytime Shuttle at 84 Mass Ave and get off at either 487 Commonwealth Ave or 478 Commonwealth Ave:

  1. Walk toward the Citgo Sign (the gigantic triangular orange billboard overlooking Kenmore).
  2. Make a right at City Convenience onto Deerfield Street.
  3. Make a left at the BU Student Center onto Bay State Road.
  4. We are the first house on the right of the road.

Alternatively, you can walk (~20 min) or bike (~6 min):

  1. Cross the Mass Ave Bridge.
  2. Make a right on the first traffic light onto Beacon Street.
  3. Continue until you see a gigantic red sign that says "Boston University," where you take the wide right onto Bay State Road (see picture below).
  4. Go straight until you hit the second cross street, Deerfield
  5. We are the first house after Deerfield (the house right after a fenced lawn).